IIUC Inter-University Programming Contest

  • Time: 10:00 AM - 04.00 PM
  • Date: 23 Sep, 2023
  • Participant type: Team
  • Maximum member: 4
  • Registration Fee: 3000
  • Payment method:
  • Payment number:
  • Registration Deadline: 11 Sep, 2023, 05:39 AM
  • Registration Now: Click here

International Islamic University Chittagong (IIUC) is going to organize the Tech Fest 2023 at its lush green campus in Kumira, Chittagong on September 23, 2023. A Programming Contest titled IIUC Inter-University Programming Contest (IIUPC–2023) will take place during Tech Fest 2023 for the universities of Chittagong Division.

Each team consists of three contestants. Each contestant must be a student of the participating institution. A representative of the participating institution, typically a faculty member, should serve as or designated as the team's coach. The coach certifies the eligibility of contestants and serves as the official point of contact with the team, prior to and during contest activities.

All team members must attend all contest activities as specified by the program committee. These activities include registration, the opening session, practice session, the contest and the award giving ceremony. Coaches must be accessible during registration, orientation, the final contest and the award giving ceremony.

Number of Teams

  • 1. Maximum Four teams (three male teams and one female team) from each institution
  • 2. Program Committee reserves the right to make adjustment in the number of teams if required

Registration Procedure
  • 1. Registration fee: Taka 3,000/- per team
  • 2. Last date of Registration: September 10, 2023
  • 3. Registration should be done online at (https://forms.gle/4zzYj6KJGo4xy8xf7)
  • 4. Accepted team list will be published on September 13, 2023
  • 5. Accepted teams should make payment by September 15, 2023.

Conduct of the Contest
  • 1. Format of the contest will be that of ACM ICPC.
  • 2. All problems will be set in English. Approximately 8-10 problems will be given for the contest with duration of 4–5 hours. Contestants should solve the problems in any of the allowable programming languages (C/C++/Java). For unavoidable circumstances, the contest director or program committee may change the contest duration.
  • 3. The contest will be conducted on https://toph.co. Any attempt to access other websites or the Internet will result in disqualification. In addition, any attempt to tamper with the online contest hosting platform will also result in disqualification.
  • 4. If a team discovers any anomaly in a problem test case, they are strongly advised to communicate with the judging panel through the toph clarification system rather than meeting in person after the contest.
  • 5. A team should use only one computer provided to them. Parallel coding is not allowed.
  • 6. Maximum effort will be given to provide equitable computer and environment to every team. Nevertheless, the program committee will not be liable for any inconsistency that is beyond their control.
  • 7. A team can bring a copy of their "Team Reference Document (TFD)" that must maintain the following guidelines: i) comprise of at most 25 pages of reference materials, ii) single-sided, and iii) letter or A4 size. Each page must be numbered on the upper right-hand corner and the university and team details on the upper left-hand corner. Moreover, included texts and illustrations on the pages must be readable by a person with correctable eyesight (without any magnification) from a distance of 0.5 meter. It may include hand-written comments and corrections on the fronts of pages only. The backside of each page must be completely empty. Nothing else will be allowed.
  • 8. Contestants must not bring any machine-readable version of programs or data, calculator, mobile phone, laptop/palmtop computer or any other device that can communicate with computer. However, a team may bring their own keyboard / mouse with prior permission.
  • 9. A contestant is not allowed to communicate or collaborate with anyone other than his/her team members and personnel designated by the program committee. System support staff may advise contestants on system-related problems such as explaining system error messages.
  • 10. A member of a team is not allowed to communicate with his own team member outside the contest room.
  • 11. Contestants should not use any material available online during the contest.
  • 12. A contestant should not ask for a solution or copy code from any other person.
  • 13. Contestants should not post or share their code.
  • 14. If any unobvious similarity is found in the codes of two or more teams, all will be penalized.
  • 15. Any member of a team, if late, may not be allowed to enter the contest premises AFTER THE START OF THE CONTEST.
  • 16. Any violation of the rules and regulations may disqualify the concerned team. A team may be disqualified by the program committee for any activity that jeopardizes the contest such as dislodging extension cords, unauthorized modification of contest materials or distracting behavior.

Contact Persons
Mohammed Shamsul Alam
Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
International Islamic University Chittagong
Mobile: 01711941680, Email: msa@iiuc.ac.bd

Md. Eftekhar Alam
Assistant Professor of CSE, Department of Electrical and Electronic
International Islamic University Chittagong
Mobile: 01939571527, Email: eftekhar@iiuc.ac.bd

Jamil As-ad
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
International Islamic University Chittagong
Mobile: 01626890190, Email: jamil@iiuc.ac.bd

Md. Nazmul Arefin
Lecturer, Department of Computer Science and Engineering
International Islamic University Chittagong
Mobile: 01797198813, Email: nazmul.arefin@iiuc.ac.bd