Intra-University Documentary Film

  • Time: 11:00 AM - 01:00 PM
  • Date: 26 Sep, 2023
  • Participant type: Team
  • Maximum member: 2
  • Registration Fee: 100 Taka
  • Payment method: Cash
  • Payment number: Pay 100 TK to Sourav Hossen, Lab Attendant PLAB1, Room: 301, Computer Science & Engineering Building
  • Registration Deadline: 22 Sep, 2023, 07:36 AM
  • Registration Now: Click here

I. Introduction
The IIUC Faculty of Science and Engineering (FSE) welcomes participants to submit short documentary films (DocuFilms) highlighting the features and achievements of various departments as part of Tech Fest 2023. This guideline will help you create and submit a high-quality DocuFilm for the event.

II. General Requirements

  • Eligibility: Open to all individuals or teams in IIUC with an interest in showcasing the achievements of the departments of IIUC.
  • Film Length: The DocuFilm should be between 2 to 2.5 minutes in duration.
  • Voice over can be in Bangla, English or Arabic

III. Registration:

IV. Pre-production
  • Choose a Department: Select one department within the IIUC to focus on in your DocuFilm.
  • Research and Planning: Conduct thorough research about the chosen
  • department, including its history, achievements, faculty, students, and any notable projects. Create a storyboard or outline to plan your narrative.
  • Script: Develop a script that effectively communicates the department's features and achievements. Ensure clarity and conciseness in your storytelling.

V. Production
  • Footage: Capture high-quality video footage and images related to the department's achievements, facilities, and people. Ensure stable camera work and good lighting.
  • Interviews: If possible, conduct interviews with faculty, students, or alumni to provide insights and personal experiences related to the department.
  • Narration: If needed, record clear and engaging voiceovers to accompany your visuals.
  • Music and Sound: Use background music and sound effects to enhance the viewing experience. Ensure that audio is clear and well-balanced.

VI. Post-production
  • Editing: Use video editing software to compile and edit your footage. Ensure smooth transitions, clear audio, and a logical flow of content.
  • Graphics and Text: Include department names, key statistics, and any additional information as on-screen text or graphics for clarity.

VII. Finalization
  • Review and Feedback: Show your DocuFilm to a small group for feedback. Make necessary improvements based on their suggestions.

VIII. Submission
  • Format: Save your DocuFilm in a common video format (e.g., MP4) with a resolution of at least 1080p.
  • Submission Deadline: Submit your DocuFilm to the Tech Fest organizing committee by the specified deadline. Late submissions may not be accepted.
  • Submission Method: Details for submission (e.g., email address, online portal) will be provided by the Tech Fest organizing committee. Follow their instructions carefully.

IX. Evaluation
  • Judging Criteria: Your DocuFilm will be evaluated based on content, creativity, production quality, and adherence to the theme of highlighting department features and achievements.

X. Rights and Permissions
  • Copyright: Ensure you have the necessary rights and permissions for all music, images, and videos used in your DocuFilm.

XI. Awards and Recognition
  • Awards: Tech Fest 2023 will offer awards and certificate for outstanding DocuFilms. Stay updated with the event announcements for details.

XII. Conclusion
By following these guidelines, you can create a compelling and informative DocuFilm highlighting the features and achievements of an department of IIUC. Your submission will contribute to the success of Tech Fest 2023 and showcase the excellence within the faculty. Good luck with your documentary project!